Strategies To Build Successful Digital Products

Hello, I'm Stefano Martino

I Like Create Digital Products


Whatever the product, be it digital or not, we use it to solve an issue or to make a task easier, or simply because it gives us a sense of joy.
Products are all around us, but we will love only some and ignore or forget the others.

Many people believe that creating a product could be accomplished with luck, a large financial investment and unpredicted conditions like “…ok, let’s launch it and see what happens”.
In reality, achieving a successful product requires defining a clear strategy that begins with asking the right questions.

I built this site to help you create user-centered digital products by sharing my experience within the different stages of a startup and providing real examples from my most recent project.

Some Of My Skills

Some of the stuff I like to work with and I continuously improve

Lean Startup 85%
Digital Strategy 80%
UX 75%
Agile and Continuous Delivery 70%

Stuff I Like Talking About

Some of the arguments I love talking about sharing my experience grown working with startups

Build User Centered Products

Create great value products and worthy of being implemented.
A successful product is essentially something that provides exactly what your users and/or customers are looking for

Continuous Delivery

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Lean UX Research and Design

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